Random thoughts.

This is actually my first blog ever. Which is kind of strange because at one point, you're starting something new.

Although you have friends who write blogs as well it's different when you start yourself. You have the basic idea of a blog and all at once you find yourself creating a blog. You start thinking about the things you're about to put down. You have to come up with a title. I started thinking, what the actual hell am I supposed to put here? The thing is, is the world really waiting for another blogger? I certainly don't think so. But to hell with it. Another thought that popped into my mind was, who are you doing this for? Are you about to write things down you think, to have a place to share your thoughts or do you want that have a message from your blog. Am I expecting to change lifes here? Because maybe if that's my aim I join the church?

To answer to my crazy thoughts, no you don't expect to change lifes. Neither are you writing for the people. Just a way to empty my mind and if, in some strange way, people would read it and respond maybe we could challenge each other. Challenge each other to view things from a different perspective.

Anyway reading this back, it sound mental and like I am trying to hard. But hye, it's my first try. Let's see where it takes us.